We've been doing recorded and live sound for many years. We bring the right mix of experience, great gear and creative solutions to your situation. 

Contact us for:
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Dialog/Audio repair

Larch Audio
email: lou@larchaudio.com
phone: 412-512-6052

What we're about:

Our specialty is music production. We offer recording in a comfortable environment with modern ITB (in the box) software or vintage classic equipment including classic microphones, tube and transformer based pre-amps, compressors and EQs and even classic tape decks for that true vintage sound.

Our mixing suite includes both ITB and OTB (outside the box) elements. Software used is all current industry standard for the film, broadcast and music markets. 

Mastering is a responsibility we take very seriously. Here too we work with both modern and classic industry standard tools. But, more importantly, we view mastering as a collaborative act involving the musicians and the recording or mixing engineers. 

Creating a song is a mixture of creativity, vision and technical expertise. We'll help you with taking it from idea to final product. 

In the end, you - the customer - are the final arbiter of whether or not we met your vision. Our goal is, as one of our customers has said, to bring the songs to life.

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